VUOTO, 2012

An artist’s book with projects by Alison Jones, Josephine Meckseper, Martha Rosler, Milly Thompson, Nicole Wermers and an ‘editorial’ by Nina Power published with the exhibition Évasion, 2012.

Conceived and designed by Milly Thompson with Alison Jones.
Printed in an edition of 1000, full colour, gloss, 128 pages, with a soft cover. 20.5 x 27.3cm. ISBN 978-1-84600-0706



Mirroring the luxury magazine, VUOTO embodied the essence of the show, being both a collection of critical artworks and high-end self-objectification. It considers the fields of FAME: Fashion-Art-Media-Entertainment, where opposition nestles in co-dependency.”

Vuoto (Italian – empty: vuòto, ‘vwƒto, “vw0to)