Still Same Sexy, September/October 2020

Ruby Cruel, 250 Morning Lane, London, E9 6RQ

“… A lone she-wolf at play, prowling and gambling …
Using the window galleries as retail displays, Milly Thompson presents for us Still Same Sexy, a collection of digitally printed silk sarongs in three colour ways: ‘Morning, Light’ (blush/blues); ‘Afternoon, Heat’ (blood/orange); ‘Night, Club’ (midnight/neon sparkles). A kaleidoscopic mix of breasts, thighs, pelvises and arses parade amongst lobsters, sorbet sundaes, beach umbrellas, sea surf and lush flowers. The sarongs are an homage to the middle-aged woman where ageing skin, cellulite, stretch marks, sun spots, and flab can all run wild. She is independent and free to explore pleasure, beauty and excess as she chooses. Still Same Sexy invites all women to join the artist in being at one with their spiritual beach throughout a day of early morning pilates and afternoon sun; to lift a seashell to her ear and hear the sound of the ocean while savouring drifting tropical fragrances caught ‘en plein air’.
… A night of dancing leads to tomorrow’s perfect sunrise …​”

Ruby Cruel, 250 Morning Lane, E9 6RQ  Ruby Cruel – Milly Thompson