a range of three fragrances for SOPHISTICATED WOMEN…

SHATAVARI perfume collection: Invisible, Proposition & Volatile ©2019

…designed to accompany a 2019 project The Moon, the Sea & the Matriarch at Timespan in Helmsdale. The Moon, the Sea & the Matriarch celebrated the pleasures, woes, cellulite, and desires of menopausal, older and middle aged women.

SHATAVARI explores the moods of the menopause and beyond.
SHATAVARI is a herb of choice for older women; it resuscitates, soothes and protects.
The three fragrances envisage our primal bodies as they course through their changes. They remind us of our animal existence, revelling in our sweat, wrinkles, cellulite, forgetfulness and general deviance.

SHATAVARIPROPOSITION: is feeling tough! A powerful aura surrounds you.
Buddha-wood grounds with elements of smoky rose. Peru Balsam delivers a warm and open heart, whilst an Amber base keeps you in your groove. PROPOSITION proposes purpose and presence.

SHATAVARIINVISIBLE: a sense of privacy and centred solitude as you move through the world, soft, velvety and comforting. Hedione conjures feelings of self-trust whilst
ISO E Super provides a mirroring luminescence. Floral ozone is expansive and open whilst the rare natural green note of Violet leaf absolute radiates tranquillity. INVISIBLE: I want to be alone. Now peel me a grape.

SHATAVARIVOLATILE: Jasmine beguiles, with an undertow of animal attraction. Sandalwood gifts sensuality whilst Beeswax Absolute is enticing, earthy and softly sweet. VOLATILE celebrates lunar swings and primal bodies.

The SHATAVARI range is designed by Milly Thompson with perfumer Eliza Douglas from The Art of Fragrance. The perfumes were available to buy from Timespan as a set, or individually depending on which mood you’d like to evoke – solitude, seduction or power.