NEAR WITCHES, 21 July to 30 September, 2021, & The Scent of Gorse Becomes Colour, 2019

Timespan, Dunrobin Street, Helmsdale, Scotland, KW8 6JA

Near Witches is a ‘village billboard’ commission from Timespan on the occasion of their shortlisting for Artfund Museum of the Year, 2021.

“Milly Thompson’s ‘Near Witches’ 2021, celebrates the joyful defiance of older and middle aged women against an expected invisibility enforced by a fearful patriarchy.

‘Near Witches’, 2021, is a new chapter of work, which has its roots in Milly’s 2019 project The Moon, The Sea and The Matriarch and is brashly presented on our village billboard against Milly’s ‘The Scent of Gorse Becomes Colour’ 2019, a sunshine transformation of Timespan’s building.”


NEAR WITCHES, 2021, digital print, 320 x 158.5cm
NEAR WITCHES, 2021, digital print, 320 x 158.5cm and 'The Scent of Gorse Becomes Colour', 2019, masonry paint, dimensions variable
From the sea to Timespan