Merchandise and Accessories, 2017

Naming Rights 45 Compton Close, London, NW1 3QS
Naming Rights

For Merchandise and Accessories Thompson has made two connected works posing as the merchandise and accessories for an unexplained and unnamed marketing campaign.

Still Same Sexy is a collection of sarongs in three colour ways: ‘Morning, Light’ (blush/blues); ‘Afternoon, Heat’ (blood/orange); ‘Night, Club’ (midnight/neon sparkles).
Being squeezed provocatively by their owner, the breasts, thighs, pelvises and arses depicted in kaleidoscopic form, salute ageing skin, its cellulite, stretch marks, sun spots, moles, scars, flab. To celebrate are lobster and sorbet, cocktails, sea and lush flowers suggesting the drifting of tropical fragrance caught ‘en plein air’. Still Same Sexy invites all women to be at one with their spiritual beach throughout a day of early morning pilates and afternoon sun. A night of dancing leads to tomorrow’s perfect sunrise.
Still Same Sexy (Morning, Light); (Afternoon, Heat) and (Night, Club), 2017 – ongoing, digital printing on biodynamic organic silk voile, hand hemmed, approximately 140 x 140cm.

Still Same Sexy is accompanied by a song-as-soundscape, My body temperature is feeling good (Hydra Lux MIX 1/2/3), 2017, with lyrics by Thompson. Music, mix, and production are by Cliff Charles. Singers are Gina Foster and Jameela Yagoub. Full soundtrack 21:15 minutes.