Chips and Egg, November/December 2019

Kate Davis, Cinzia Mutigli, Alia Syed, Milly Thompson and Hayley Tompkins with a new text by Maike Hale Jones. Curated by Helen Nisbet
The Sunday Painter, 117-119 South Lambeth Road, London SW8
The Sunday Painter

Nimmi surveying the days catch, 2016, oil and acrylic on board, 61 x 51cm

“Taking its title from the famous scene in the 1989 ‘kitchen sink’ film Shirley Valentine (I like chips and egg on Tuesday, this is Thursday) this exhibition explores mundanity, domestic life, class, the evolving body, cliché and sparkling rediscovery…”
“…Milly Thompson’s six paintings come from a series of work depicting menopausal nude, or near-nude women in relaxed, luxuriant poses – they lay on beaches, day beds, sofas or next to swimming pools. The titles describe a place or activity relating to women’s names. The work Neon Nails references a nail bar shop sign and typifies the carefree positivity of the series and their unapologetic relationship to pleasure and desire.”


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