C21st ART-WORKER, 2013 & 2016

Two ClearChannel adboard residencies in Coventry and London as part of the ongoing collaboration between Alison Jones and Milly Thompson. 

C21st ART-WORKER, 2016, digitally printed poster, 120 x 180cm, 2016 (with Alison Jones); displayed on Clear Channel adboard, Old Street roundabout throughout February.

C21st ART-WORKER was commissioned by Lanchester Gallery Projects (LPG). The work was initially displayed on Coventry city centre Clear Channel adboards from 25 September – 20 October, 2013. One of LPG’s ‘Best for Most Residency’s, “Alison Jones and Milly Thompson were LGP’s Autumn Artists-in-Residents, continuing the long-standing discussion and project that erupts every now and again for an altered re-iteration and re-thinking. For this they produced a ‘poster’, a photomontage which considers gendered labour set against the backdrop of the C21st art world.”
C21st ART-WORKER, Alison Jones & Milly Thompson

The second iteration was commissioned by Deptford X, 2016. Installed on Old Street roundabout during the launch of ‘Alison Jones & Milly Thompson C21ST RECENT HISTORY, Valentines Day, 2016′, February, 2016 at FILET

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